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Table 3 Life expectancy among post-ICU patients adjusted for age and sex

From: Long-term survival after intensive care unit discharge in Thailand: a retrospective study

Age group (Years)      Life expectancy (LE)  
  †Base case *Sensitivity analysis General population
15 to 29 43.16 43.80 48.97
30 to 44 28.87 29.56 36.01
45 to 59 16.41 16.98 24.03
60 to 74 8.72 8.96 13.66
≥75 4.75 4.61 6.36
Overall 18.26 18.56 25.15
  1. †Base case analysis: we assumed that from year five to year seven post-discharge the relative risk of mortality amongst post-ICU patients was the same as that in year five. From year eight onwards, the relative risk was assumed to be 1.
  2. *Sensitivity analysis: we assumed the mortality rates among the post-ICU patients after five years post-discharge to be the same as those in the general population matched for age and sex.
  3. General population: we applied the mortality rate of the Thai general population age- and sex-matched to all post-ICU patients since ICU discharge.