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Table 3 Registration system, donation after circulatory death categories, and retrieved organs in different countries

From: Variability in protocols on donation after circulatory death in Europe

Country Registration system DCD categories Organs retrieved
Austria Opt out II, III Kidneys
Belgium Opt out II, III, IVa Kidney, liver, pancreas, lungsa
Czech Republic Opt out I,II, III, IV Kidneys
France Opt out I, II, IV Kidneys
Italy Opt out II, III, IV Kidneys
Latvia Opt out II, IV Kidneys
The Netherlands Opt in II, III, IV Kidneys, liver, pancreas, lungs
United Kingdom Opt in II, III, IV Kidneys, liver, pancreas, lungsa
Spain Opt out I,II,IVa Kidney, liver, lungs
Switzerland Opt in I,II,III,IV Kidney, liver, lungs
  1. DCD, donation after circulatory death. aVariation in regional protocols.