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Table 4 Odds ratios for in-hospital mortality and interventions for infectious complications and coefficients for length of stay and cost of the CRAI group, compared with the non-CRAI group

From: Continuous regional arterial infusion for acute pancreatitis: a propensity score analysis using a nationwide administrative database

  CRAI vs. non-CRAI  
Variable Odds ratio Coefficient 95% CI P
In-hospital mortality 0.88   0.43 to 1.78 0.711
Interventions for infectious complications 6.42   0.75 to 54.6 0.089
Length of stay (days)   16.5 11.8 to 21.2 <0.001
Cost (US dollars)   $13,600 6,890 to 20,400 <0.001
  1. The odds ratios were calculated using logistic regression analysis with adjustment for propensity score quintiles, and the coefficients using linear regression analysis with adjustment for age, sex, JCS, CCI, prognostic factor score, CT score, hospital volume and hospital type.