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Table 4 Variables included in the Cox proportional hazards survival model and hazard ratios of patients who developed hypophosphatemia during the continuous veno-venous hemofiltration therapy period a

From: Hypophosphatemia during continuous veno-venous hemofiltration is associated with mortality in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury

Characteristics Odd ratio (95% confidence interval) P
Age 1.004 (0.995 to 1.013) 0.373
Presence of chronic ill health 1.284 (0.946 to 1.742) 0.109
APACHE II score 1.051 (1.029 to 1.073) <0.001
Presence of sepsis 1.049 (0.788 to 1.396) 0.742
Presence of high ratiob 1.451 (1.103 to 1.910) 0.008
  1. aAcute Physiology Chronic Health Evaluation II. bA high ratio means the ratio of continuous veno-venous hemofiltration (CVVH) therapy days with hypophosphatemia to total CVVH therapy days ≥0.58.