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Table 1 Comparison of in-ICU rehabilitation for intervention and usual care groups in prospective trials

From: Critical care rehabilitation trials: the importance of ‘usual care’

  Rehabilitation protocol Rehabilitation actually received
Author Usual care control Intervention Usual care control Intervention
Denehy et al. [1] (Australia; n = 150) Respiratory management and mobility with PT, available 12 hours/day × 7 days/week Physiologically based PT 15 minutes/day and 2 × 15 minutes/day × 6 days/week for MV and non-MV patients, respectively [9] 52% of patients mobilized out of beda 52% of PT sessions delivered and completed
Burtin et al. [2] (Belgium; n = 90) Respiratory management and standardized mobility 5 days/week Usual care PT + cycle ergometry 20 minutes/day × 5 days/week Not reported Cycle ergometry delivered 4 (4 to 5) sessions per week, for a total of 7 (4 to 11) sessions
Schweickert et al. [3] (USA; n = 104) PT and OT, when ordered by ICU team PT and OT beginning on day of study enrollment PT and OT started 7.4 (6.0 to 10.9) days after MV, with 0 (0 to 0) minutes/day during MV and 11 (0 to 23) minutes/day after MV PT and OT started 1.5 (1.0 to 2.1) days after MV, with 19 (10 to 29) minutes/day during MV and 13 (5 to 20) minutes/day after MV
Morris et al. [4] (USA; n = 330) PT when ordered by a physician; PROM daily by ICU nurse 4-level, graduated mobility protocol delivered by a 7 day/week mobility team (including PT), with highest level in protocol including ≥20 minutes/day out-of-bed mobilization 6% of patients with ≥1 PT session 73% of patients with ≥1 PT session
  1. Data are reported as median (inter-quartile range). aBased on prospective measurement of PT interventions delivered to patients who were mechanically ventilated for >48 hours at the study site ICU and were not enrolled in the trial [9]. MV mechanically ventilated, OT occupational therapy, PROM passive range of movement, PT physical therapy.