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Table 3 Summary of types of sepsis and exclusion criteria.

From: Is early ventricular dysfunction or dilatation associated with lower mortality rate in adult severe sepsis and septic shock? A meta-analysis

Author Year Types of sepsis Exclusion criteria
Kimchi et al. 1984 Not clear, but included ARDS Aged <18 or >85 years; pregnancy
Dhainaut et al. 1988 - ARDS
Vincent et al. 1989 Pulmonary and pleura; gastrointestinal; other HF; MI; recent CPR or cardiac surgery
Vincent et al. 1992 - -
Jardin et al. 1999 - Cardiopulmonary disease
McLean et al. 2007 Pulmonary; abdominal; urosepsis; bacteremia; skeletal; skin Aged <18 years; pregnancy
Cariou et al. 2008 Pneumonia; urosepsis; bacteremia; peritoneal Suboptimal echo images; none has regional wall motion abnormality
Etchecopar-Chevreuil et al. 2008 Pneumonia; abdominal; urosepsis; skin; other Other cause of shock; cardiac disease; arrhythmia; moribund status or withhold treatment; leukopenia
Vieillard-Baron et al. 2008 Not clear, but patients had either acute lung injury or ARDS HF; moribund; did not survive for >48 h
Sturgess et al. 2010 Pulmonary; abdominal; neurologic; fasciitis; catheter-related; mediastinitis Aged <18 years; valvular disease
Furian et al. 2012 Pulmonary; abdominal; urosepsis Aged >80 years; HF; liver failure; bone marrow failure; in immunosuppressed state
Landesberg et al. 2012 Pulmonary; gastrointestinal; wound; vascular surgery or limb ischemia; genitourinary; orthopedic; skeletal Valvular disease; MI
Pulido et al. 2012 - Aged <18 years; congenital heart disease; valvular disease; coronary heart disease; known abnormality in recent echo
Weng et al. 2012 Pneumonia; bacteremia; peritonitis; other Aged <18 years; valvular disease; post-thoracic operation; MI; suboptimal echo; moribund
  1. ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome; CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; HF, heart failure; MI, myocardial infarction.