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Table 1 American Burn Association suggested definitions for utilising systemic inflammatory response syndrome criteria in burn patients

From: Clinical review: The critical care management of the burn patient

The sepsis trigger in adult burn patient includes at least three of the following:
Temperature >39°C or <36.5°C
Progressive tachycardia
   Adults >110 bpm
Progressive tachypnoea
   >25 bpm not ventilated
   Minute ventilation >12 l/minute ventilated
Thrombocytopaenia (not applicable until 3 days after initial resuscitation)
   Adults <100,000/μl
Hyperglycaemia (absence of pre-existing diabetes mellitus)
   Untreated plasma glucose >200 mg/dl
   Insulin resistance >7 units/hour insulin intravenous drip
   >25% increase in insulin requirements over 24 hours
Inability to continue enteral feed >24 hours
   Abdominal distention
   Residual volume 2 × feeding rate
   Diarrhoea >2,500 ml/day