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Table 1 abstract p55

From: Fighting hospital sepsis

Resource Availability (%)
Diagnostic and therapeutic protocol for septic patient management 8.3
Use of early warning score for diagnosis and management 8.3
Sepsis team 25
Microbiology laboratory: open 7 days a week 66.6
Lactate dosage: 24 hours a day availability 83.3
Central venous catheter insertion (CVC) available 24 hours a day 91.6
Hospital empirical antibiotic therapy guidelines 0
Infectious diseases team advice in any case of severe sepsis septic shock 25
Infective source eradication  
   Infective source eradication protocols 8.3
   Intervention radiology available 24 hours a day 50
   Operating room available 24 hours a day 58.3
Specific infection management protocol (that is, CVC infection) 58.3
Imaging reporting service available 7 days a week 41.6