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Table 1 Keyword categories: development of search categories and search terms

From: Clinical review: Brain-body temperature differences in adults with severe traumatic brain injury

Concepts Keywords
Concept 1: Brain temperature Epidural temperature
  Ventricular temperature
  Intraparenchymal temperature
  Cortical temperature
  Intraventricular temperature
  Jugular bulb temperature
  Subdural temperature
  Brain temperature
Concept 2: Core body temperature Core temperature
  Body temperature
  Core body temperature
  Pulmonary artery temperature
  Esophageal temperature
  Oesophageal temperature
  Bladder temperature
  Tympanic temperature
  Temporal artery temperature
  Rectal temperature
Concept 3: Severe traumatic brain injury Severe traumatic brain injury
  Traumatic brain injury
  Brain injury
  Head injury