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Figure 9

From: Equipment review: Pulmonary uptake and modes of administration of inhaled nitric oxide in mechanically-ventilated patients

Figure 9

Correlation between the volume of normally-aerated pulmonary parenchyma, expressed as a percentage of the total lung volume and the percentage of fluctuation of tracheal NO concentration (TRACH-NO) while administering 6 ppm of NO to 11 patients with ARDS. There is a significant correlation between the two values suggesting that the pulmonary uptake of NO decreases with a reduction of aerated lung volume. Points 1 and 2 relate to one of the patients who was studied twice: during the acute phase of ARDS (point 1 corresponding to a normally aerated lung volume of 52%) and during the recovery phase of ARDS (point 2 corresponding to a normally aerated lung volume of 82%). Published with permission [13].

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