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Table 1 Entry criteria for early initiation of renal replacement therapy

From: Permissive hypofiltration

Inclusion criteria
   1. Age ≥18 years
   2. Assessed to be adequately resuscitated
   3. Evidence of acute kidney injury. Defined by RIFLE/Acute Kidney Injury Network stage 2 or greater (creatinine or oliguria) and elevated acute kidney injury biomarker (precise cutoff determined by biomarker selected)
Exclusion criteria
   1. Patient deemed moribund
   2. Any history of renal allograft
   3. Presence or clinical suspicion of glomerulonephritis, renal obstruction, vasculitis or acute interstitial nephritis
   4. Prehospitalization advanced chronic kidney disease, defined by an estimated glomerular filtration rate <15 ml/minute/1.73 m2
   5. Any dialysis conducted within the previous 3 months (either acute or chronic renal replacement therapy)