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Table 5 Treatment*

From: Medical emergencies on board commercial airlines: is documentation as expected?

Airline A B C D E F G H I J
Bandage (Y/N)     X      X X
Defibrillator used X    X     X X  
Defibrillator used (number of times) X   X       X  
ECG monitoring (Y/N)     X       
Endotracheal intubation     X      X  
Extra comments on defibrillation    X        
i.v. line established (Y/N)    X X     X   
Improvement with oxygen (Y/N) X          
Medical treatment applied (free text)     X X     X  
Medication given on board (Y/N) X X   X X      
Medication source (patient/medical kit/other passenger) X          
Onboard medical equipment/medication used (free text)     X X    X   
Oxygen applied (Y/N) X   X X X    X X  
Problems with the defibrillator    X        
Pulse palpable after resuscitation (Y/N) X    X       
Resuscitation duration   X         
Resuscitation performed (Y/N) X X X X     X X  
Splinting (Y/N)    X      X   
Time of defibrillation    X X       
Total time of monitoring     X       
Ventilation after resuscitation (Y/N) X    X       
Wound care (Y/N)         X   
  1. *Details from 10 airlines (A-J) on the documentation of on board in-flight medical emergencies, sub-category treatment.