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Table 1 Classification of complications

From: Ultrasound-guided percutaneous tracheostomy in critically ill obese patients

Minor Intermediate Major
Bleeding not requiring compression or administration of packed red blood cells Bleeding requiring compression without blood transfusion Bleeding requiring administration of packed blood cells
Hypoxemia (SpO2 of less than 90%) or hypotension (systolic arterial pressure of below 100 mm Hg) for less than 5 minutes or both Posterior tracheal wall injury but not requiring surgical repair Esophageal injury
Difficult puncture or multiple punctures (more than three) Subglottic stenosis Posterior tracheal wall injury requiring surgical repair
Puncture of the tracheal tube cuff Granuloma Pneumothorax
Peristomal infection not requiring antibiotic treatment   Peristomal infection requiring local care or antibiotic treatment or both
Atelectasis Malposition of the tracheostomy tube (pre-tracheal or para-tracheal insertion) Loss of airway
   Surgical conversion
Tracheal ring fracture   Cardiac arrest
  1. SpO2, oxygen saturation as measured by pulse oximetry.