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Table 2 Methodological features and results of recent clinical trials comparing advanced life support treatment with or without drugs

From: Is there still a place for vasopressors in the treatment of cardiac arrest?

Author, year [ref] Study design Actual/planned sample size (%) Treatment in the intervention group Treatment in the control group Controlled for CPR quality Causes of death documented Survival (%)
        ROSC Discharge
Olasveengen, 2009 [34] Randomized, open-label 851/900 (94.6%) Epinephrine, amiodarone, atropine No drug or venous access up to 5 minutes after ROSC Yes Yes 26.1 9.9
Jacobs, 2011 [35] Randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled 534/4426 (12.1%) Epinephrine Intravenous placebo No No 16.1 3.0
  1. CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; ROSC, recovery of spontaneous circulation.