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Table 1 Exclusion criteria

From: Brachial artery reactivity in patients with severe sepsis: an observational study

Code status limitations precluding critical care management (for example, directives against use of mechanical ventilation or vasopressor agents)
Refusal of patient or designated surrogate decision-maker to provide written informed consent, or inability to obtain consent within 48 hours of diagnosis
Severe cardiomyopathy with left-ventricular ejection fraction < 30%a
Chronic dialysis-dependent renal failurea
History of solid organ or bone marrow/stem cell transplantationa
Preexisting advanced liver disease (Child-Pugh grade C)a
Organic nitrate therapya
Current active bleedinga
Hematocrit < 22% or < 25% while taking vasopressorsa
Pregnancy or hormone replacement therapy (HRT)a
More than 48 hours since severe sepsis/septic shock diagnosis
Vascular-access device present in the target upper extremityb
Absent Doppler signals in target upper extremity
Skin breakdown or soft tissue inflammation involving target upper extremitya
History of vascular or lymphatic surgery involving target upper extremitya
  1. aExclusion criteria for both control subjects and sepsis patients. Control subjects also were excluded if they had infections or used antibiotics within 6 weeks of specimen collection.
  2. bThis exclusion criterion was included because of theoretic concerns that the procedure inducing stagnant ischemia could disrupt or displace a vascular-access catheter.