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Figure 1

From: Clinical review: Early treatment of acute lung injury - paradigm shift toward prevention and treatment prior to respiratory failure

Figure 1

Proportion of patients who developed acute lung injury (ALI) according to tidal volume in patients mechanically ventilated for >48 hours without ALI at time of intubation. Tidal volume (Vt) ≤ 9 ml/kg predicted body weight (PBW; n = 66); Vt 9 to 12 ml/kg PBW (n = 160); Vt ≥ 12 ml/kg PBW (n = 100). *Adjusted P-value from a multiple logistic regression model including tidal volume, transfusion, postoperative, height, female gender, restrictive lung disease, and acidosis (pH <7.35); tidal volume was treated as a continuous variable. Reprinted from [34] with permission from Critical Care Medicine.

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