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Table 1 Study phases and groups

From: Evaluation of a novel closed-loop fluid-administration system based on dynamic predictors of fluid responsiveness: an in silico simulation study

Phase Scenario(s) PPV condition Management
Phase 1: Testing of Massive hemorrhage Accurate PPV No management
(2.5-hour simulation)
Moderate hemorrhage   LIR management
  Mild hemorrhage   
Phase 2: Comparison with Massive hemorrhage Accurate PPV No management
practitioner management
(1-hour simulation)
   Practitioner management
    Practitioner meds/LIR Management
    LIR management
Phase 3: noise and artifact Mild hemorrhage Accurate LIR management
(2-hour simulation)
   biased and fluctuating  
  1. LIR, Learning Intravenous Resuscitator; PPV, pulse-pressure variation.