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Table 2 Gene probes upregulated in patients with kidney injury that predict 'no SSAKI' and 'SSAKI' classes

From: Identification of candidate serum biomarkers for severe septic shock-associated kidney injury via microarray

Affymetrix ID Fold change Gene symbol GenBank ID Description
202411_at 2.088 IFI27 NM_005532 IFNα-inducible protein 27
207329_at 1.756 MMP8 NM_002424 Matrix metallopeptidase-8
212768_s_at 1.711 OLFM4 AL390736 Olfactomedin 4
219975_x_at 1.697 OLAH NM_018324 Oleoyl-ACP hydrolase
206145_at 1.688 RHAG NM_000324 Rh-associated glycoprotein
231688_at 1.666 MMP8 AW337833 Matrix metallopeptidase-8
233126_s_at 1.664 OLAH AK001844 Oleoyl-ACP hydrolase
211820_x_at 1.612 GYPA U00179 Glycophorin A
222945_x_at 1.612 OLAH AI125696 Oleoyl-ACP hydrolase
220496_at 1.601 CLEC1B NM_016509 C-type lectin domain family 1, member B
219478_at 1.601 WFDC1 NM_021197 WAP four-disulfide core domain 1
205110_s_at 1.551 FGF13 NM_004114 Fibroblast growth factor 13
206871_at 1.525 ELA2 NM_001972 Elastase-2, neutrophil
205612_at 1.522 MMRN1 NM_007351 Multimerin 1
219410_at 1.517 TMEM45A NM_018004 Transmembrane protein 45A
207341_at 1.512 PRTN3 NM_002777 Proteinase 3
218542_at 1.509 CEP55 NM_018131 Centrosomal protein 55 kDa
211372_s_at 1.505 IL1R2 U64094 IL-1 receptor type II
207269_at 1.497 DEFA4 NM_001925 Defensin, α4, corticostatin
201292_at 1.492 TOP2A AL561834 Topoisomerase (DNA) IIα 170 kDa
211821_x_at 1.486 GYPA U00178 Glycophorin A
  1. Twenty-one gene probes upregulated in patients with kidney injury and used for the leave-one-out cross-validation procedure to predict 'no SSAKI' and 'SSAKI' classes. SSAKI, sepsis-shock-associated acute kidney injury.