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Table 2 Frequency of each category of critical incidents reported in our hospital and those reported in the region

From: Major sources of critical incidents in intensive care

  Percentage of total critical incidents in 2008  
Category RLUH Region P value
   Administration 26.8% 33.7% 0.183
   Equipment 25.7% 20.3% 0.233
   Pharmaceuticals 18.8% 17.3% 0.233
   Clinical practice 16.8% 16.6% 0.726
   Health and safety hazards 11.9% 12.1% 0.964
Total 100% 100%  
  1. Mathematical deviations in sums are caused by rounding errors. Chi-square tests were performed on absolute numbers to assess differences between regional and local frequencies of critical incidents. RLUH, Royal Liverpool University Hospital.