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Table 1 Estimates of the potential worldwide benefit of peri-operative goal-directed strategies

From: The burden of high-risk surgery and the potential benefit of goal-directed strategies

  Yearly estimation Reference
All surgical procedures 234,200,000 Weiser et al. [2]
   High-risk surgical procedures (12.5%) 29,275,000 Pearse et al. [3]
   High-risk procedures without GDS (84%) 24,591,000 Cannesson et al. [1]
Deaths without GDS (9.4%) 2,311,554 Hamilton et al. [4]
Deaths if GDS were to be adopted (5.9%) 1,450,869 Hamilton et al. [4]
Lives potentially saved if GDS were to be adopted 860,685 -
Complications without GDS (29.8%) 7,328,118 Hamilton et al. [4]
Complications if GDS were to be adopted (18.0%) 4,426,380 Hamilton et al. [4]
Complications potentially avoided if GDS were to be adopted 2,901,738 -
  1. GDS, goal-directed strategies.