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Table 1 Team knowledge, skills, and attitude competencies

From: Teamwork and team training in the ICU: Where do the similarities with aviation end?

Element Description
Knowledge competencies Knowing a team's goals, objectives, and resources
Knowing the strategies used to cope with task demands for specific situations
Knowing task procedures and how taskwork will be divided
Knowing team roles and expected interaction patterns between team members
Knowing team member competencies, behavioral tendencies, and strengths and weaknesses
Skill competencies Monitoring team members to support their performance
Providing feedback and coaching to team members whose performance is less than optimal
Recognizing and assisting team members when they need help or are unable to perform effectively
Rapidly adapting to changing events
Ensuring receipt and verification of information when communicating with team members
Ability to cooperate and share problem-solving tasks and to resolve conflicts with mutual satisfaction
Leadership in coordinating and motivating team members, assessing performance, allocating and re-allocating tasks, and planning and organizing work
Contributing to a positive team climate
Attitude competencies Belief in team cohesion
Preference for being part of the group
Trust and confidence in team members
Preference for approaching problems with a team rather than individual approach
Belief in the importance of teamwork and team-oriented behaviors
  1. This table, adapted from Baker and colleagues [21] and Salas and colleagues [9], is original and has not been reproduced elsewhere.