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Table 1 Software applications and examples of the databases provided on Palm handheld computers

From: Handheld computers in critical care

Application Database/information
Addressbook* Hospital and staff telephone numbers
  Emergency numbers
Datebook* Call schedules
  Schedules for teaching and rounds
Memopad* Patient database
To Do list*  
J-file Acid-base equations
  Dialysis solutions
  Vasopressor protocols
  Electrolyte replacement
  Antiarrhythmic drugs
  Normal laboratory values
  Drug dosing in renal failure
  Drugs in pregnancy
AvantGo ICU orientation manual
  Antimicrobial therapy
  Research study summaries
  Ventilator weaning protocol
  Organ-donation criteria
  Residents' objectives
Cbas Pad Calculators of
     Creatinine clearance
     Ideal body weight
     Respiratory parameters
     Fractional excretion sodium
     Harris-Benedict equation
     Intravenous drug rate
PalmPrint Printout of daily note
  1. * Basic applications standard with the Palm handheld device.