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Table 4 Multivariable logistic regression for favorable outcome

From: Relationship between time to target temperature and outcome in patients treated with therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest

  Odds ratio
(bootstrapped 95% confidence intervals)
P value
Time to target temperaturea - crude 1.69 (1.22-2.34) 0.002
Time to target temperaturea,b 1.86 (1.03-3.38) 0.04
Time to target temperature adjusted for   
   Age, years 0.95 (0.92-0.99) 0.01
   Epinephrine, mgc 0.70 (0.46-1.04) 0.08
   Tbl cool start, °Cd 1.08 (0.71-1.63) 0.72
   1st ECG, VFe 2.54 (0.84-7.71) 0.10
  1. aLinear effect for tertiles of time from restoration of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) to esophageal temperature of not more than 34°C (<120, 120 to 220, and >220 minutes). bHosmer-Lemeshow chi-squared = 2.67, P = 0.85, indicating good model fit. Temperature data between April 1995 and June 2008 were collected from 588 patients. cTotal amount of epinephrine in milligrams needed to achieve ROSC. dBladder temperature in degrees Celsius at beginning of cooling. eCardiac arrest with ventricular fibrillation or nonperfusing ventricular tachycardia as the initial cardiac rhythm on electrocardiogram.