Critical Care: 20 Years in Publishing

In 1997, Critical Care launched in publication with the Editor-in-Chief, Jean-Louis Vincent, leading the Editorial Board in pioneering the field of critical care and emergency medicine. As the world was 'on the brink of an electronic revolution' (Hubbard & Vincent, 2006), the journal (or "forum" at the time) made use of the internet as a new resource: a platform for sharing breakthrough discoveries, or simply new ideas, in an emergency clinical setting.

In the past 20 years, the journal has contributed to improving the care of critically ill patients by acquiring, discussing, distributing and promoting information that remains relevant to intensivists.

We're looking back at the milestone achievements and highlights that have made Critical Care the field's leading journal, as it is today.  Associate Editor, Stephen Brett, shares his thoughts on the journal, below.

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Jean-Louis Vincent answers your questions

We invited you to submit your questions on Twitter, and Jean-Louis Vincent answered them. In our new podcast, our Editor-in-Chief talks to us about the future of the field of critical care medicine, and also answers some of your questions. Listen to the podcast here.

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